Pallets ready for shipment for parcel service and forwarding agency
Pallets ready for shipment for parcel service and forwarding agency

Our chance to be successful is to ship our quality product as fast as possible to you, our customers.


For information requests and orders we are there for you on the phone during the


office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30-14:30.


We endeavor to take your call personally even out of office hours, but it can happen that you have to be content with our answering machine. It will take your orders, wishes and suggestions with pleasure as well as our


Fax:     (+43) 03172 / 67258-20 and our

E-Mail:  office@mayergeyer.at


Orders per e-mail will be answered as fast as possible. Orders on the answering machine and per fax will be only answered at your desire.


Be so kind and let us know your customer number (when at hand) so we are able to assign your request clearly.


Our cold storage
Our cold storage

customers can be delivered already the day after your order. Needless to say that this only works, if you order in time. Therefore please note our dates of dispatch! Because the cooling of our products should not be interrupted too long (especially in summer), we only supply


Monday to Wednesday.


Only in this way we can ensure that our products arrive at you as unscathed as possible.


Usually (more than 90%) customers in Austria receive our packages the next day. But we ask you at your order to take into account at least two days of delivery.


Orders, which should be sent away on the same day, have to arrive at our office


by no later than 11 a.m.


After that it depends on the volume of shipment, if it can be sent on the same day. For international customers we cannot provide any guaranteed transit time though in practice it turned out that orders, which we have sent off on Tuesdays, have been delivered throughout Germany resp. South Tyrol still in the same week.

We generally cooperate with several parcel services and forwarding agencies. It is also possible that we split an order on parcel service and forwarding agency. But this happens in order to save you expenses and that you will receive the good as fast as possible.