Yoghurt & cream cheese starter package

Yoghurt & cream cheese starter package
Yoghurt & cream cheese starter package

Nowadays when the dependency of processing business and chain stores becomes bigger and bigger, individual initiative is more in demand than ever.


Thus make MORE of your valuable milk!

Our starter package enables you to produce yoghurt, curd, cream cheese etc. yourself quite simply. Inside you will find all kinds of means and tips for making high-quality and tasty milk products of raw milk.


> No ways of transportation of milk and products

> Milk quantity consumption


  1 liter milk     -

1 liter yoghurt, sour milk

  5 liters milk    -

approx. 1 kg curd and 4 liters whey

  7 liters milk    -

approx. 1 kg cream cheese and 6 liters whey

25 liters milk    -

approx. 1 kg butter and buttermilk


> Sour cream (see variation of curd and cream cheese tips)

The cream (for sour cream) can be skimmed between the culture and rennet addition. The longer the creaming the lower is the fat content of curd resp. cream cheese

> Cultures

The cultures are proven sorts with distinctive, generic aroma formation.
Little to no post-acidification and predominantly L(+) type.

> Organic companies

Cultures and rennet are unhesitatingly acclicable


> All from a single source – you only need milk!


Our products + Our advice + Our knowledge = Our satisfied customers!



1 pkg.

Yo-Mix 401, 50 DCU

Mild yoghurt with little post-acidification.

Keep deep frozen (at least. -18°C)!

1 pkg.

Probat 222, 100 DCU

For curd, cream cheese, sour milk products and sour creme butter.    Lactic acid predominantly L(+) type.

Keep deep frozen (at least -18°C)!

1 bottle

rennet extract 100 ml

Austrian natural rennet.

Keep cooled (+4 to +8°C)!

1 piece

spoon with hole

Made of plastic! Please don’t use wood!

1 piece

yoghurt thermometer


3 pieces


150, 200 and 400 g – for cream and soft cheese

1 piece

10 l multi-way bucket


4 pieces


available in the sizes 225, 315, 365 and 520 ml

1 cap diameter (95 mm)

100 % waterproof

tamper-evident dosure

easy opening and closing


microwave proof and suitable for freezing

attractive design

1 piece

0,5 l PET-bottle with sample

screw cap available in orange, green and blue
sample of multi-fruit ACE syrup resp. peach-apricot in certified organic quality for fruit whey, keep cooled (+4 to +8°C)!

Preparation suggestions



cream cheese

fruit whey

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