M PUR – The new line for little adults - since September 2009 in Styria!

A school milk project developed by the school milk forum of the Styrian chamber of agriculture

“For the target group ‘little adults’ at the age of 10 there do not exist any appropriate products of school milk farmers. The term school milk is not up to date and does not arouse anybody’s curiosity. Whereas modern beverage brands manifest theirself in awareness of life, specify a clear design and focus on packaging strategies. And what about school milk?


In the centre of attention of the school milk project is the brand M, which is equally product and message (ideally an emotional condition too). School milk is positioning itself in a completely new way. It is in search of a strong, own identity.


M stands for milk with mega-freshness from the farm near by, loaded with maximum confidence.

M is a precious basic element in a series of design drinks, which appeal to fun-loving, creative, romantic, curious young people hungry for success.

M is set in a broad scope and wants to take the fast lane. M does not appeal to ‘bulls’ and wants to show that power alone is too little. Zeitgeist and cleverness are in.”

(School milk forum of the Styrian chamber of agriculture)


Beside the pure milk M pur two yoghurt drinks are offered at present:



with lemon and carrot juice, extract of ginkgo, guarana and ginseng



with natural vanilla pod extract

The following three joghurt drinks are possible in the case of appropriate interest:



with strawberry puree; raspberry, aloe vera and passion fruit juice and also extract of melissa and orange blossoms



with banana



with oranges, mango puree, bananas, pineapple juice, l-carnitine and magnesium

M Pur-beaker with lid
M Pur-beaker with lid



In addition to these pictured etiquette guidelines there is the corresponding, high-quality one-way beaker with cardboard sleeve.

This kind of beaker can be obtained via our trading unit supplier BHG (e.g. one-way beakers with a trademark imprint as stated above per sort approx. 22.000 pieces per pallet = minimum order quantity!).


All company specific data should be imprinted on the lid. Graphics for individual trading units can be adapted at one’s own expense!




The Mayer & Geyer KG is partner and supplier in this project concerning fruit preparations and cultures. It could already be started with M cool and M crazy in September 2009, with the other sorts only at achieving a minimum total order quantity of fruit and/or packaging units. The manufacturing method for yoghurt drinks is stated. A constant quality is only given by a special method concerning heating, vaccination and maturing in the correct mixture ratio. Please note that for the production of yoghurt drinks at least the technical equipment for yoghurt preparation (heating and hot-holding for 10 min. at +96°C, stirrer etc.) is needed.




A condition for the participation in this project is in addition to quality assurance the conclusion of a license agreement with the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture. The 2 % sales-license fee (5% for countries outside the EU) is directly charged by us with the fruit preparation and is then discharged to the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture. Calculation basis is the minimum retail price gross of 59/69 cents depending on the size of the beaker.




For further questions concerning the brand name M pur or license agreement Mr. Friedrich Zöhrer (chairman) and Mr. DI Robert Schöttel of the Styrian school milk forum of the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture by calling 0316 8050-1411 will be at your disposal. More information can also be found on the internet at www.mpur.at!


For questions about the new products we look forward to your call.


We would be pleased, if this initiative would receive a very positive response, for the well-being of the children and the Austrian school milk farmers! We are going to support them by the realisation as much as we can.