Fruit preparation peach-passion fruit for yoghurt
Fruit preparation peach-passion fruit for yoghurt

As a trading company we sell


>  fruit preparations

  (in conventional quality and in

  organic quality)

>  fruit juice concentrates

>  whey and skim milk powder

  (also in organic quality)

>  direct starter cultures

>  natural rennet extract and

  protective cultures (GMO-free)

>  drinking straws

>  PET-bottles

>  PP-beakers

>  plastic buckets


for the production and use of all kinds of milk products.


Our customers are


>  school milk farmers

>  farm dairies

>  direct marketers

>  school kitchens and kitchens of boarding schools

>  catering companies


With our products they produce


>  chocolate and fruit milk

>  yoghurt drinks

>  fruit whey

>  fruit yoghurt

>  fruit curd

>  desserts

>  fruit juice drinks as well as

>  plain yoghurt, sour milk products, butter, cheese, curd & whey


for schools and for yard sale as well as daily menus. 


We attach utmost importance consulting our customers!

Preparation tips for our customers
Preparation tips for our customers

We are naturally available to our customers with words and deeds as for the preparation of milk products. Beside product specifications we can offer specifically preparation suggestions for all kinds of milk products. Furthermore Mr. Josef Meyer’s experience of many years as manager of the dairy of Weiz and his expert knowledge is available to our customers.

Of course we can offer trial product samples for all, who want to start in the milk scope. You can convince yourself of the excellent quality of our products.


Our strength lies in our personal support service, flexibility and prompt delivery.