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News 2012


Information and news in September 2012

Deas customer!


Autumn is comming his way… - and certainly you are still waiting for some news from us. In the last years we usually used to mention the subject “new prices” at the end of the newsletter, this time we put it at the beginning… Let yourself be surprised!


We wish you much fun reading the newsletter! Your Mayer & Geyer team !

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LOWER PRICES for fruit preparations

Now we will not keep the good news from you any longer: Our producer has cut prices for many sorts. On average by nearly 2%! Some sorts remain stable, some we have to adjust slightly. Backgrounds for this price reduction are the decreased sugar price, no excessive crop failures and better buying conditions for us. Our yearly increasing volume growth has not gone unnoticed in the estimating department…!


Prices of powder products do not look that good: unfortunately raw material prices rose dramatically in the last weeks because of scarcity of raw materials, unfavourable weather conditions and in connection with that the drastically increased grain prices for milk producers. It can be furthermore assumed that the raw material prices will continue rising.


For more details please take a look into the enclosed price lists. The few price adjustments were made as low as possible – thank you for your understanding!


Change of the validity period of our price lists

Since we receive only quarterly prices from many suppliers, which run parallel to the calendar year, we change the beginning of our main price list to the 1 January of each year. So the validity of the enclosed price lists apply until 31 December 2012, prices for fruit preparation excluded, which are guaranteed until 31 October 2013.

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DIRECT DEBIT now possible from German bank accounts too – 3% discount!

From now on our German customers too need not to go to bank: if you allow us the collection of the invoice amount, we offer you 3% discount with the debit after 10 days.


YOUR PAYMENTS of our invoices

Because of the tense economic situation deterioration in payment behavior is detectable. So we have to invest monthly many additional hours in dunning again – that costs time and nerves and causes costs too. Therefore we ask for your understanding on behalf of our customers, who do their payments in time, if we pass defaulting customers to the collection agency more rapidly in the future.

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CINNAMON STAR & BAKES APPLE for your winter yoghurt

As baked apple is a bestseller in our southern neighbouring country Slovenia, we can offer you two sorts this year for the first time. Baked apple and cinnamon star – our second sort – with almonds, hazelnut and cinnamon are available from the middle of October on. We ask you for order in advance, in order to be able to fulfill your wishes!

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Fruit preparation 92525 CHERRY with modified starch again

Last year there were some fluctuations in the consistency of this fruit preparation, which some customers did not countenance. In the course of the change to natural aroma we wanted fewer additives in our products too and therefore we asked the development department of our producer to omit a stabilizer. But unfortunately the stabilization with pectin only was too little.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we understand that you do not want to deal with differing consistencies or with following queries of your customers. So we decided to add modified starch as a second stabilizer again, with what the original constancy is restored again.


STARTER PACKAGE 0,25 l PET-bottle runs out

The 0,25 l PET-bottle became a niche product and will therefore be sold only by pallet. Thus we do not offer starter packages with immediate effect. We apologize for any inconvenience!

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This year we say THANK YOU again!

Again a financial year is over and despite the difficult economic environment we made it again to reach a small increase in volume.


Thank you very much for having confidence in us and our products und we assure you that you may rely on our best efforts this year again.



Do not forget to reserve „CINNAMON STAR“ & „BAKED APPLE“ – our fruit preparations for the cold season – in time!


Dear customer!


This question is a frequently asked question at this time of the year. And that is the reason why we want to give you some news and information concerning the approaching end of school, the holidays and the start of school in September. Take your time reading the information and then enjoy a great summer 2012!


We wish you a pleasant reading! Your Mayer & Geyer team

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Fruit preparation 128555 TROPIC

with natural aroma

After several attempts we were able to change over our last conventional fruit preparation, TROPIC for whey, to natural aroma. Look forward to the even more exotic and tropical taste. Starting in September this new sort will replace the fruit preparation 11729 Tropic. Its price is not yet fixed, but like the other fruit preparations it will be slightly higher than the prices of the old recipes. On request we will gladly send you the new product specification in advance.


PP-beaker 365 ml                

This size will replace our 375 ml beaker from autumn on, which became relatively expansive for us in purchase due to the low demand. The new 365 ml beaker will be noticeably cheaper. Our standard lids are of course compatible with the new beaker.


Fruit preparation 130392 PINEAPPLE-COCONUT with 30% stevia in our standard range!

Our this year’s sort of the summer is enjoying so great popularity that we decided to include it in our standard range. It is suitable for yoghurt, yoghurt drinks and fruit whey. Because of the additional sweetening with stevia the fruit content increases by approx. 13%, you can lower the dosage what spares your customer approx. 30% sugar and calories. In case you have not tested it yet, request for a free trial product sample – you will be convinced!

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-5% summer discount in July & August               


According to our “tropical” temperatures and to create the appropriate feeling, we selected the following exotic sorts:




              with 30% stevia (for yoghurt, yoghurt drink, fruit whey)


              certified organic quality (for yoghurt, yoghurt drink, fruit whey)


              without fruit pieces  (for yoghurt drink, fruit whey)

11729    TROPIC                                                                  

              (for fruit whey)

OS 20     ORANGE Syrup     

               (for fruit whey)

MOP K    WHEY POWDER conventional quality


This sale applies to max. 5 units per sort and only for orders and deliveries in July and August 2012!



-10% discount on drinking straws from 1 cardboard box on     

Especially for our school milk companies to start the new school year cheaply!

At acceptance of a whole pallet freight costs are omitted (for orders from Germany and Italy we ask for a detailed request).

This sale applies for orders and deliveries up to and including 15 July 2012!

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The fruit preparations CHOCOLATE in certified organic quality & LEMON-GUARANA are no longer available!

The initially large interest in the sort 96964 CHOCOLATE in certified organic quality, which we had in our product range only since September 2011, was not reflected in sales. Despite excellent quality and intensive promotion we were not able to make noteworthy sales.

The same can be said about the sort 45839 LEMON-GUARANA, which was part of the M-PUR-school milk programme of the Styrian chamber of agriculture for 3 years. Because of the low participation in this programme and the lack of acceptance this sort is no longer saleable.


Due to these circumstances we have already removed these two products from our product range. So we ask for your understanding!


Fruit preparation BLUEBERRY fine for yoghurt drink in preparation!

On customer inquiry for another fruit preparation for yoghurt drink we have tried a blueberry-fruit preparation, which tastes excellent as a yoghurt drink. If we could arouse your interest, we send you a product information and possibly a trial product sample with pleasure.

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NEW PRICES for some products

Like last year prices for powder and plastic products are very unstable this year again. Concerning the cultures we had already a larger price adjustment in spring, furthermore Danisco has been taken over by the American group DuPont. In this range we have to adjust                                              prices partly marginally.


For details please dip into the enclosed price list. The adjustment was made as low as possible, but it is an absolute necessary minimum. Thank you for your understanding!


PET-bottles only on request

Because of the price fluctuations and the buying conditions, which become more and more difficult, we offer our products from now on only on request. So we can offer you daily updated prices in future – concerning PET-bottles as well as freight costs.

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In this 2 weeks our company is closed and therefore self-collection by the customer is not possible either! Orders, which arrive until Monday, 30 July, will be sent before company holiday. Orders, which arrive later, can be sent on Monday, 20 August. Please note this circumstance, when you are planning your order! Thank you!




PS: Please order larger quantities (starting with 10 units) for shipping at school start already in August! So you will help us too, to start the new school year without stress. Thank you!


New products at the trade fair AB HOF Wieselburg 2012:

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OUR fruitpreparation for YOUR Carribean summer feeling! - now sweetened with STEVIA!






Your benefits with STEVIA: 


> more fruit: 48,4% fruit content (previously 35, 3%) = more flavour!

> less sugar: approx. -29% = less calories: approx. -27%

   (information based on fruit preparation with conventional sugaring)

> less dosage: only 13% (instead of 18%) with yoghurt

   therefore a higher added value because of the higher, own milk input


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© iStockphoto


We have a “hard” for “RED-WHITE-RED”



entirely made of apples grown in Austria & produced in Styria!



Your benefits:


> highest quality

> inexpensive in comparison to EU-goods

> guarantee of origin

> added value remains in Austria

> your competitive advantage with your customers!


The trend to “as much Austria as possible” in products is clearly evident. So let us support the local agriculture, your customers will thank you!


The AB HOF-fair in Wieselburg 

Friday, 2nd - Monday, 5th March 2012


With pleasure we present:


> fruit preparation BLUEBERRY with natural aroma

> fruit preparation CHOCOLATE organic aroma-free

> fruit preparation PINEAPPLE-COCONUT now               sweetened with STEVIA!


As usually you will find us in „Halle 3“, at our proven stand location     (336) – but this year in a new outfit!Let us surprise you… On request we gladly send you a free ticket for your fair entry. You see, it is worthwhile to visit our stand!