Interesting facts about our company

founded as Ing. J. & E. Mayer OEG        January 1998              
extended to Mayer & Geyer KEG January 2002
extended to Mayer & Geyer KG January 2006
extended to Mayer & Geyer GmbH April 2013
shareholder 4
employee 4
volume of sales in the full year 2012/13 approx. 1,2 million Euro
sales growth in the full year 2012/13 approx. 16%
sale in the full year 2021/13 (excerpt)  
fruit preparation for milk and yoghurt products approx. 230 t
of this in organic quality approx. 25%
fruit juice concentrate approx. 19 t
milk and whey powder approx. 6 t
of this in organic quality approx. 25%
cultures for generating yoghurt, cheese … approx. 4.600 units
PET-bottles approx. 115.000 pieces
PP-beakers approx. 676.000 pieces

The most popular sorts are raspberry for yoghurt (approx. 20,5 t), followed by vanilla for yogurt (approx. 20,2 t) and peach/maracuja for yoghurt (approx. 16 t).


Out of approx. 273 t fruit preparations can be made approx. 1.520 t finished fruit milk and fruit yoghurt products.


Filled in 0,25 L beakers this results in a total quantity of approx. 6,08 millions beakers. If each of the approx. 500 children of the primary schools of Weiz would consume one beaker every day, each child is provided with fresh fruit milk and fruit yoghurt products for approx. 33 years.


Out of approx. 19 t fruit juice concentrate can be produced approx. 133.000 L finished fruit juice drinks. This volume filled into 0,5 L-PET-bottles results in an amount of 266.000 bottles. One pallet of 0,5 L PET-bottles consists of 1.075 pieces, i.e. the yearly production of ready fruit juice comes to approx. 245 euro pallets.


With approx. 4.600 cultures our customers are able to acidulate approx. 4,6 millions L of milk and to manufacture to milk products.




We mainly supply customers in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and South Tyrol. Occasionally we could already deliver our fruit preparations to Bosnia, Macedonia and Uganda and even to Saudi Arabia.


Our customer file consists of 1.300 names and 40% of these are regular customers.


Our customer with the highest sale is in the north of Germany.  The purchase of a year comes to approx. 43t!


The farthermost customer is in Saudi Arabia. A catering company in Alkhobar was delivered twice with fruit preparations by us in 1999. At first they were delivered to Bremen by truck and then to Dammam by cargo ship. It took nearly 4 weeks between the delivery in Weiz and the arrival at the customer.