Our historiy - our guideline for the future

Our Team 2010: f.l.t.r. Elfriede Mayer, Josef Mayer, Karin Pichlmayer, Jeannine Pichler, Andreas Geyer
Our Team 2010: f.l.t.r. Elfriede Mayer, Josef Mayer, Karin Pichlmayer, Jeannine Pichler, Andreas Geyer

How it all began


The idea that local farmers supply schools with milk products in connection with starting a deal with fruit preparations and excipients was already born in 1995 during a meeting of Styrian school milk farmers. One participant of this meeting was Ing. Mayer, dairy master and former company manager of the dairy of Weiz.


Rationalisation measures of dairies and the dying of smaller dairies effected that schools were faced with the fact to get no school milk. The children’s desire for fresh school milk was unmistakable and so some farmers near the schools decided to produce fresh fruit milk and fruit yoghurts in high quality with our fruit preparations and to supply even smallest schools this way.


We started as a “man & woman” company. At the beginning a small room in Elfriede and Josef Mayer’s home was sufficient as office and our storeroom was in a cold store, where also apple boxes have been stored, 15 km away from the office – no longer imaginable today.


Our first two cold storages became soon too small resp. were too far away. After our cold storage in St. Ruprecht/R. burnt down to the ground in July 2003, which caused us again being accommodated provisory in a fruit storehouse for the following six months, we decided to look for a building near Weiz to build our own cold storage, which would actually meet our requirements. In January 2004 we could finally move into our cold storage resp. depot in Preding/Weiz, which was especially adapted for our needs. So we were able both to double the cooling area and to install an own dry storage.


In the course of the handing over of the company to Andreas Geyer we vacated our two previous office locations in summer 2005 and extended our cold storage with a two-storey office section. This new location of our company, where products and administration are concentrated, made it possible, that we could create a solid basis for the future of our business.




We support school milk farmers and those, who want to become ones, with our advice and our products to establish another source of income so that they will not be dependent on big concerns that much.


Quality and advice is written in capitals with us and the career of Mr. Ing. Josef Mayer (dairy master and former manager of the dairy of Weiz) is of course an unestimable advantage for us and our customers. Furthermore we provide trial product samples and samples as well as all specifications and certificates for our customers. We want to keep our high quality level by special application tips and individual advice.


The increasing quality awareness of consumers, the wish for regional products and the increased demand for organic quality had a positive effect on our customers. The entry in the school milk production made it possible that several farmers were able to double their previous sales and to open new business fields too. Some school milk farmers, who began with 25 kg of fruit preparations, meanwhile consume already 500 kg per month.


Product ideas such as yoghurt drinks, fruit and apple drinks, as well as fruit whey drinks have drastically increased the added value of our customers too. Especially yoghurt drinks and fruit whey drinks are steadily gaining popularity. Sales of milk products have risen sharply again even in schools as a result of the engagement of the local school milk farmers. Milk products are in again.

Because of our engagement we already supply Austrian and German school milk farmers to a very large extent, whose number increases itself year after year because of the prospering market.


Our path in the Future


We will continue this path, which is based on our stable fundament that we have built up for more than 10 years, and we want to broaden our range of products towards full-range suppliers. Our focus in future will still be on the premium quality and the regional resp. Austrian origin of our products (where possible). But much more important for us is prompt delivery and service and customer service! With us the customer is king!


The aim is also to support our customers to that effect that they increasingly place their products in the big food product markets and thus to facilitate customers the choice between local products of local producers and the products of the neighboring countries. In this field we will have to do a lot of work, in particular persuading.


At the end a quote from Mahatma Ghandi, which characterizes us and our development to the point:


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”